Band saws
for cutting­machines

We produce cutting tools for your foam cutting machines. Our products are made from the highest quality steels! After all, our customers expect excellent quality and first-class utility. Thus, we offer the right product for every application and the security for a smooth as well as reliable workflow.

Application areas:

Foam producers, upholstered furniture manufacturers, mattress manufacturing, automotive suppliers, packaging manufacturers, household goods, technical industrial products or the insulation processor.

Band saws <br> <b>for cutting­machines</b>

sitola band saws

Vertical cutting toothed: band saw roof tooth set, helical tooth set

Trim cuts, blanks for each machine type you receive a large number of bandknives, which we can adapt to your needs. This includes bandknives of various types and toothing. E.g. for PU flexible foam, PU rigid foam, composite foam, EPS and XPS, phenolic foam, potassium silicate, mineral wool and foam glass.

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